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Discussion: Re-Set, Jump-Start or Start ?

July 2, 2021

Most of my subscribers know that Action Movies are my initial love. The Equalizer with Denzel Washington is one of my top movies. I always consider lessons in anything I watch. I’m the one who goes to the movies with a small notepad, in case a life lesson jumps out that I need to remember for later.

I wish to share some life lessons I wrote from the Equalizer.

  • Know the enemy

  • Set a specific time to complete each task and remain conscious of the time

  • Be skilled with your weapons of choice

  • Have as much knowledge of their weapons as possible

  • Be prepared for the unexpected

  • Stay focused from beginning to end of situation/mission

  • Never underestimate yourself and your abilities… Stay in command of self

  • Keep in mind a visual of the outcome you want

  • Keep moving regardless of how the condition appears

  • Keep moving toward the finish of what began

  • Complete and enjoy the reward

For many of us, we don’t have a lot of time. Maybe we have another 10, 20 or 30 years. Death is ultimately our last destination. What we do before the last stop depends totally on you. What’s inside of you has to measure with the value of the goal you set. For some, you are going to have to first master self. You must mold the world inside of you, before you can conquer and achieve goals/dreams outside of you. It may only take eliminating words from your vocabulary (if, try, maybe, someday) to make a genuine commitment to your life purpose. With others, it may be a little more tedious road before reaching your true path.

As the seasons change, we spring clean, winterize the home and go from air condition to heat. I believe life bought us into this world, instilling within us our purpose for being here. The life we came here through, was the preparation stage. Often we say or hear someone say, “Why me”? I can’t answer that question for you, because it took me a long time to answer it for myself. Which means you are going to have to answer the question for yourself or allow your actions to show you why. You can’t look at my path and I can't evaluate your path as the one I want to take. A lot of times most people don’t look like what they have gone through. You will hear them say “you see the glory, but you don’t know my story”. Let’s personalize the principles of the Equalizer. Preparation is key (Write the Vision so you can keep it in front of you as you move forward)

My Key Points:

Know the enemy (William Shakespeare… To thine own self be true. The enemy within can be; holding past hurts, abuses, betrayals, not forgiving, jealousy, getting even, laziness, boredom, indecisiveness, not trusting, anger. You must identify from within what is causing you to sabotage your own life (not someone else, but you) be true to you)

Set a specific time to complete each task and remain conscious of the time (Every situation the Equalizer approached, he looked at his watch and set a time for the completion. We must set time throughout our journey)

Be skilled with your weapons of choice (Become skilled with your weapons. It may be a course you need to invest in, a book you need to read and reread, joining a group that’s committed to what you want or are doing. Taking a financial budgeting course (I totally recommend Dave Ramsey’s courses), losing weight to have more energy. Whatever is your choice of weapon, training is a must)

Be prepared for the unexpected (I think what hinders us or throws us off track is not being prepared for the unexpected. It can be a sudden illness, loss of a job or company closing, loss of a loved one. The unexpected is something out of our control. How do we get up or bounce back? Individuals have gone into depression and remained for years because of the unexpected. People have covered their heart with a “Do not enter” behavior because of the unexpected. Individuals often become bitter because of the unexpected)

Stay focused from beginning to end of situation/mission (Come what may, we have to remain focused. Example: Being at the eye doctor and during the exam, they shine a light in one eye. The doctor instructs you to look over his/her shoulder at the picture on the wall with the other eye. Things may come to cause you to lose focus, but remember to look over the shoulder with the other eye)

Never underestimate yourself and your abilities… Stay in command of self (Never, ever minimize your ability because of what you are facing. What you are facing is only to suggest you are not who you say you are, don’t accept the bluff)

Keep in mind a visual of the outcome you want (Stay focused on your end game)

Keep moving toward the finish of what began (Let your heart feel the rewards of achievement)

Complete and enjoy the reward (The work will be hard, but the rewards will show it was worth it)

Finally, I will end with returning to the first principle “Know the Enemy”. Life has taught us with the utmost assurance that “Self-Talk” is our greatest antagonist. Demeaning words, we repeat to ourselves, knowing if someone else said the same words to us, we would get offended. The daily conversations we have over and over destroys or hold us back. The belief system of someone else's opinion of us that we embrace. We must trust in ourselves in order to just move. We’re influenced by someone else words, which we are repeating in our self-talk and it is killing us. A portion of the conversation in our head was told to us by individuals who are dead or no longer around to express those things to us anymore. So we replace them with our inner conversations and keep them alive. Only we can defeat this enemy within. Now is the time to be free!

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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