• Belinda Lane

Discussion: Recess

May 15, 2020

The world has been on Recess. Recess is “a going back, a retreat, a break from doing something.” For school children, they believe it’s the best part of the day. In the adult life many don’t leave their desk for breaks, work through lunch and overtime can be volunteer or mandatory.

The divorce rate is higher than ever at 40% to 50% according to the American Psychological Association. It appears too many are getting married and building from the outside first, before the two become one. After years of obtaining degrees, promotions, memberships etc. they surface from under their covers as strangers. I don’t want to lose anyone; I just desired to communicate the importance of making sure you keep your true self wake in what you are doing. Divorce has become the norm in our culture… the statistics are proof.

The CBS Sunday Morning News in August 2019 reported 60% deaths are suicides and according to US Today March 2020, there are over 128 suicides per day in the United States, attempted by people with and without known mental health conditions.

I will be the first to say this is not what I want to be reading about after working or the busyness of my week. I agree and request you to continue with me to the conclusion of this discussion.

Meanwhile, as the world is passing through a time of Recess, namely Isolation. We watch the News and continually see people on the beaches and protesters carrying signs of rights being violated. Our sense of survival has intensified for many as an invaded our privacy. Our officials seeking alternatives to contain something that is foreign coupled with struggling to lessen the death toll. For now, the nation is assisting many in the form of stimulus funds, food stamps, unemployment checks and unemployment stimulus funds for some States.

I honestly understand the economic hardships as jobs losses increase daily. Many were already having financial hardships with a job, are now reeling with panic. Some have been fighting hardships most of their lives. But the thought of being shut up for two (2) weeks to a month was intolerable for many people.

I get it. I realize we all get it differently. Children get to go back into the classroom with no issues at the end of Recess considering their well-being. In the adult world, it will invariably be about our well-being. At the same time it is equally always about our mental-being believing we don’t have time to address our mental health except with medication in dealing with life. I will not address nervous breakdowns, heart attack and strokes. Let me re-state, I get it. We call it life, however many of us are not living. We exhaust our mind and body.

Fear stands in partnership with the pandemic that surrounds us. We all in our separate world had to reshuffle our lives without warning, along with embracing rules and orders outside of us. Parents able to continue to work, as a result, scrambled to find sitters and making certain their school-age children signed on the computer each day for assignments.

It seems life had to permit us a time to rest. Life has offered a time to just breathe and see each other through open eyes and peaceful hearts. I do not believe God called a Recess to draw our attention, but I’m certain he has the attention of the masses. It’s strange, how we can pollute the earth, abuse and misuse one another throughout generations and blame God for the consequences of our ways of life. Again, remember I said this is how I believe.

During our Recess this may be an excellent time to look at the back burner and move your dreams to the front and put some fire under them. The things you long to do that were constantly tugging at your heart. Wake up the writer; let the singer and dancer appear on a YouTube video, go to the garage and get the easel and paint brushes.

I implore you at the end of this Recess not to be where you were before the pandemic hit. Bring your family together and start your first monthly family board meeting with you as CEO. Get the children engaged as COO, Vice-President and Secretary for the family, set goals to implement by your next month family meeting. You get the idea. I believe God has given every individual a gift to give while here on earth. My gift may not look like your gift, and your gift may not look like mine. Your gift may be a smile that warms the heart of strangers as they pass by. You know what you are good at doing; give it because someone needs what you have.

Thank you for joining me at Friday at Sundown!