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Jacqueline B. Miller “Lady J

January 20, 2023

“Actions Speak LOUDER than Words,”

Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works… James 2:26

The phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’. It carries a powerful message about the importance of living out your beliefs and taking action rather than always talking about them. Actions truly demonstrate commitment, courage, and progress. It is by taking action, you can show yourself and other people that there’s more to life than mere words and that your beliefs have substance.

Have you ever been in a place where you thought to yourself, “I shouldn’t be here?” You know, every year around this time we look back at the last 12 months of our lives. Taking inventory and reflect on where we are as opposed to where we “said” we were going to be by this time next year.

Yes, from weight loss or gain, financial security, a new love, or kicking that toxic relationship to the curb. To starting that project that has been in the birth canal longer than nine months.

Yet you have been still, stagnate, and in the same position for so long that your butt, legs, or hands have grown numb (metaphorically speaking).

Motivation has gone out the window. You have become complacent, worried, confused, unsure of yourself, and lacking self-confidence.

Sure, you try to find motivation. By Asking Yourself, “What’s your motivation?” You ask others about their own personal motivation. You even buy, download, read or listen to the latest books from TD Jakes or Michelle Obama only for them to end up on the shelf in good company with the ones from the start of last year.

When we find ourselves in a rut and finally get fed up with our lack of progress and self-development. We inadvertently seek others to co-sign and become a part of our journey.

People say things and make promises. With no intention of keeping them on a daily basis. The person who they are talking to probably does not know the promises you made in the past. To make the needed or necessary changes for growth or elevation in you, but you do. So the lip service that you giving, is a waste of words in the air.

This concept applies to almost every situation in a person’s life.

At this juncture, a real conversation is required. This is a conversation that none of us are eager to have with ourselves. However, at some point, we have to face the cold hard truth that we are the only thing holding us back.

So Now What?


Put it on paper!

Well, perhaps it’s time to make use of all the cute journals that you buy for others. Or receive as gifts because your family and friends didn’t know what else to get you. Maybe consider something more creative, like a vision board.

In fact, have you ever made a vision board?

Notice the words “make” and “made”.

Make and made are verbs that are commonly used to show the act of producing or causing something. The word ‘make’ means to make or assemble something. It simply means to create. The word ‘made’ is the past form of the word make. It means something that has already been put together or created.

I point this out because nothing happens without movement. So start writing your thoughts or create a visual list. I love post-it notes. Usually, I use them a lot. I carry one in my purse, pocket, or car. I actually have them in every room of the house. Thoughts develop at any given moment and I find this when we see them written, we are more likely to give life to our desires. Yes, “Write the Vision and make it plain” … Habakkuk 2:2

When you write your ideas, wants, needs, and desires, you find a plan begins to take shape. A clear process begins to develop as it makes the plan plain, clearer, and more concise.

Then you will make moves, acting on it the more you see it. Instinctively, you will put in the time, energy, and resources needed to fulfill that vision or meet that goal.

Making a list, writing your vision, making a vision board, or some call it journaling. No matter what, it is a great way to hold yourself accountable for working on your plan and staying motivated.

We are created to be PRODUCTIVE!

Last year you waited, hesitated, and even procrastinated! In 2023, I encourage you to rise up. Consider focusing on these suggestions, and as you explore each area and see how each action helps you achieve your desired goals.

Make sure your ready

Find your inner motivation

Change your perspective

Set realistic goals

Get active, stay active (always be doing something to work your plan)

Enjoy the journey!

Life will happen, and circumstances have a way of quenching the fire from when we first felt the burning desire to do or make change. Robbing us of that excitement and zeal we had initially when we first received it.

Don’t slow down. Even when life comes against you, challenges will come your way as soon as you set your sights on positive change. It’s almost as if the universe is turning against you.

Unfortunately, we all have that lil’ something in us that wants to tell us we can’t succeed to make us stop believing in ourselves or to be discouraged. I have said it before; we can be our own worst enemy. But nobody can cheer you or encourage you better than YOU!


“No plan and No action will lead to no results.”–Germany Kent

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

Andra Day – “Rise Up”

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music in this video)

About the Writer: Jacqueline B. Miller “Lady J“ is a energetic multi-facet Woman of God. As an ordained Minister of the Gospel, a Marriage Coach, Life Coach, Writer, Published Author and Virtual talk show host and personality you will find that she has a servant’s heart. Her life’s loves are found within her being a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Though life has been traumatic at times she has endured and has learned to “Wait” on the Lord, who is her strength and to praise God in the midst of the storms.

CONTACT: Jacqueline B. ~Jackie “Lady J” Miller

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Lady J

...."Don't allow your past to rob you of your future" …I can do all thigs through Christ who strengthens me…Philippians 4:13

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