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Discussion: Shake the Dirt Off!

January 22, 2021

There is a fable about a farmer and his mule. One day the mule fell into an old well. The farmer reasoned that because the mule was old and really of no more use he wouldn’t try to save the animal. He reached out to a few of his neighbors, telling them what had happened and his decision to just bury the mule in the well. With the help of his neighbors, they started throwing dirt down the well onto the mule. Out of panic as the dirt hit the mule’s back he would shake the dirt off. The dirt continued to fall on his back and he continued to shake it off. As he was shaking the dirt off he would step on the dirt, causing the mule to rise further up the well. Much to everyone’s surprise the mule eventually rose to the top and stepped out of the well.

We can clearly see the moral of this story. The farmer had considered his mule not worth saving… worthless! He went out and engaged others to help him bury his mule. The mule in the meantime may or may not have understood what was happening. Instead he responded to what was happening. By shaking the dirt off and stepping up and standing on a new foundation. No matter what they throw your way, shake it off and step up. You have heard me say, “Life will throw you a curve ball. It could be a ping pong ball, softball or basketball and when it does… play ball. With a ping pong ball you have a partner and with the other balls you have a team.

The naysayers, gossipers and those who have made it known that they are your enemy are just players in your game of life. Sometimes there will be sweat and tears, but also the game will call for a time out and ultimately the game will end. Not knowing much about sports, I think the losing team will review their lost game, correct the mistakes in order to strengthen them the next time. I don’t believe they go home and crawl into bed to sulk. They are probably practicing harder for the next game right away. Shake the dirt off. Don’t continue to allow the “dirt” that has been put on you to affect your approach to having a good future. Life is too short and you have things to do. You are here for a reason. Let’s shake off the dirt and play ball.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

(I added this video, because it is refreshing to see the distinct races, various ages, workers etc. lifting hands and praising God together. For some I know it was the music, but they still interacted together for that period.)

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music in this video)

Hezekiah Walker New Video "Every Praise" - YouTube

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