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Discussion: She Speaks Life

May 20, 2022

Jacqueline B. Miller “Lady J

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue… Proverbs 31:26

When we think of the month of May, most of us think of Mother’s Day. It seems like the two words are synonymous, although they mean two different things. Without a doubt though when I think of May, I think of Mom. She was my first teacher, best friend, cook, caretaker and so much more.

So, let’s talk about how as mothers, we not only are vehicles to bring life into the world physically, but we also have the ability to Speak Life into that which is dead and alive.

Being a mother is difficult, it is a challenging responsibility that is defiantly underappreciated. It takes PATIENCE, COMMITMENT and WISDOM.

Mothers usually realize that just a simple encouraging word could make such a difference in someone’s life, an affirming word given lovingly, authentically, and as God leads is more powerful than we can imagine.

You have to realize early on that your words will encourage someone to achieve goals, milestones and new levels. Just think about a baby trying to crawl or walk. Your words, temperament, facial expressions and demeanor lets them know they can do it and no matter how many times they fall, you help them get back up and encourage them to keep trying. Imagine if you had told them they would never crawl, walk or talk!

The words that come out of our mouths can have a huge effect on us, as well as others. Say these words “Speak Life” to yourself. When you hear these words, “Speak Life”, what comes to mind? How do you feel? Did you feel a quickening inside? Were you looking for something encouraging to uplift you?

How about if I said, speak life into your husband, children, co-worker or to others, and into yourself; what does that mean?

I love this phrase because when you speak life, you are speaking hope, positivity, peace and love. You are letting someone know that they are more than a conqueror, that there is nothing they can’t do. Your words can unlock the gateway to experiences they never thought possible. Now as we focus on Speaking Life, from our mouths we have to consider the opposite of life… Death!

Yes, we can speak death as well. How? There are words we can say that can tear down the spirit, strip someone of all self-confidence, self-worth, trust and can even invoke the onset of fear. Our thoughts and words develop life within us, we frame our world with them. We kill ourselves or others with them. We can kill our hopes and dreams. We kill our self-esteem. We kill our desire. We kill our song. We kill our joy. We kill our peace. We kill our beauty. All with our thoughts and words.

As a mother have you ever been frustrated with your child because he or she didn’t apply themselves, refuse to try or follow your examples for life? Or how about your mate, how many times have you thought or said they were lazy because instead of putting their socks in the laundry basket, they left them on the floor next to it? Did you get upset, get fed up and say something to your child like, “You will never get a good job, that you will be nothing when you grow up if you continue be lazy”, or my favorite, “Hazel doesn’t live here so stop being trifling and clean up after yourself.” If you keep having conversations like this on a daily basis do you think this is speaking life or death into someone?

We all live in a world where it seems like bringing each other down, and cursing others is the way of life. We see the crab mentality more than we would like, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can all choose to speak life into all of our lives and we all will be the better for it.

We all grew up hearing that statement “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Full transparency moment, yes I have said it a time or 2 in my life, who hasn’t. And I’m sure when we said it we were trying to convince ourselves that we weren’t hurt by what was being said, but I disagree, we were hurt. Recently someone told me I was mean and not a good first lady. Then a few days later stood before a church full and praised me for being exactly the opposite of what she said I was in private. Although I forgive her and I realize her words were out of a hurt place that she was dealing with that had nothing to do with me, the words still hurt and caused me a great deal of emotional pain. Even now I can’t recall everything she said, but I will always remember how it made me feel. The invisible scars left behind from hurtful words. Words do hurt. Yes, sometimes it can make you stronger, but we want to make sure we are pouring positivity into others not negativity because those hurtful words leave lifetimes of invisible scars.

Some days it’s easier to speak positivity than others. But we have to be intentional to do so in those times when we don’t feel like it. It’s in those moments that speaking positivity is needed the most. We are not perfect. No matter what you have been through good or bad, I believe we all have a choice and it’s our choice that can ignite life or death in not only ourselves but others.

Ephesians 4:29: “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is

helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Proverbs 15:4: “The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.”

Are you speaking Life?

“She Speaks Life” because she knows there is life and death in her tongue,

“Embrace who you are and your divine purpose. Identify the barriers in your life, and develop discipline, courage and the strength to permanently move beyond them, and keep moving forward.” ― Germany Kent

“Do not come into agreement with fear. Activate your faith, live in victory, speak over your life and expect great things to come your way.” ― Germany Kent

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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