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Discussion: The Curveball

May 14, 2021

Life will throw you curveballs. One of the definition of a curveball is an unexpected occurrence or thing that causes confusion or uncertainty. In 2020, the world has experienced a curveball starting with the World Pandemic. In March of this year, a cargo ship that normally takes 15 hours to pass through the Suez Canal became stuck for six (6) days. According The MV Ever Given’s owners say a gust to wind pushed it and its huge cargo of over 20,000 shipping containers sideway in the canal, wedging it between the canal’s sandy banks. A gush of wind!

This week (May,2021) we are experiencing a cyber-attack, stated to be one of the most serious energy-sector hacks in history. At least 17 states have declared emergency over this matter so far. In the county where I live, most of the gas pumps were empty by 3pm on May 11th. Another curveball thrown. So many of us have walked through, stumbled through and crawled through what the mind hadn’t imagined. It’s almost like starring in a science-fiction movie. Still, people are rising to the challenge and have hit the ball out of the park. Men and women who were mild-mannered have stood strong and been resilient in stabilizing their lives. We have broken from the comfort zones of our lives and as individuals stepped into areas which weren’t familiar. The spirit of Relentlessness has been spelled out and has spilled over into the mediocre lifestyle. The Umpire of life has yelled “Safe”!

Even though businesses have been closed, new businesses and business ideas have popped up everywhere. Many businesses stayed firm and turned curveballs into home runs. Family unions have strengthened. Friendships have tightened. The “Thank you” and “I appreciate you and your service” said for the smallest acts which would normally go unnoticed. Even though we can’t see a person’s full face as they pass, we see their eyes light up and as they nod their head in our direction. While evil still tries to have its full reigning, goodness is spreading like wildfire.

I believe we can catch our breath now, because we have set a pace that says “I can make it through this”. We look around and from where we stand and we know how to hit the next curveball. We have set the precedence for our children of what may come later in their life. They will look back at our generation with pride as they move forward. Our children will know when they see the curveball, how to stand up and say “We got this”!

(1) WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU - Powerful Motivational Speech - YouTube

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(1) LION MINDSET - Ray Lewis Ft Eric Thomas | Motivational Speech for success in life - YouTube

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music and motivational speech in this video)

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