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Discussion: The Power of the Mask

December 18, 2020

I was watching television when on one channel a restaurant owner was being interviewed. He said that if they ordered him to have his employees and customers wear a mask, he’d close his business down. I thought about his employees being out of work and the power he handed over to a small piece of cloth to close his business down. I can’t recall the content or the focus of the story that followed next. My thoughts drifted to the statement of the business owner regarding the employment of his employees who showed up to work each day. Their income was in peril over a piece of cloth across their nose and mouth along and power that the business owner granted to this piece of cotton and its ability to shut down a business.

I caught myself embroiled in a mental conversation with my mask about the influence it possessed worldwide. The demand on the manufacturers to produce masks increased and according to Google: The global disposable face mask market size exceeded a value of USD 74.90 billion in Q1 of 2020. We see on television companies promoting their new business of masks and how they vary from others on the market. My neighborhood group link advertises residences in the neighborhood who are making and selling masks (I loved the ones I purchased from my neighbor).

As I listened to the statistics of COVID-19 reports of hospitalizations and deaths, I couldn’t come to grips at the arguments regarding the wearing of a mask. The proposal of wearing a mask is a grassroots attempt to slow the increase of the virus. OK, let's say what if putting on a mask did nothing to slow the virus? Nor, would it prevent those same wearers from getting the virus? Would the records from the medical field, the CDC, hospitalizations and death rate be ample to justify a brief mandate to wear a mask? Would this grant us a chance to proceed simultaneously while dealing with something we have never encountered?

So is it we don’t accept the reports of the hospitalizations and the climbing death toll? The news has noted the death of politicians who have died of COVID-19 as far back as April 2020. These are individual names, recognized that we can’t say they are not dead. Is it being said, “I don’t accept the truth about how they died?” I’m just seeking to understand why so much protest to wearing something, if only briefly. What is it that one can’t respond even with disagreement, I will support the requirement just in case it may be accurate? I don’t agree, but I can do this so others can feel safe in my presence.

Chance is a game of maybes. Chances carry consequences… good or not so good. The various States are deliberating how to get their State up and working… chances. They are urging the people of their State to draw together as we move to deal with this Enemy of the State. We’re challenged to try something new collectively while we confront this foe.

The Preamble of the Constitution start with “We the people of the United States.” I merely wished to single out these words, not to go into a deep interpretation simply to highlight “We the people of the United States”. There are many “We the people” who are sick, yet have to go out to shop for their essential needs. There are “We the people” who do not have anybody to depend on to help them. Many of them sick, struggling to go out to get the essentials and make it back home safely. Not knowing what is walking back in their home with them.

We knew everybody wouldn’t be on board as “the powers that be” seek to figure out how to combat this foe. All of this while our State Officials try with what many calls “extreme measures” work to figure out our next direction. We don’t consider that a mask to save us. We don’t consider that a mask is able to slow the virus, maybe or maybe not. But in retrospect, I didn’t want to get philosophical. I just wanted to leave a little food for thought.

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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