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Discussion: WHEW...2020

January 1, 2021

I can remember when I lived up North and how I dressed when going out in the wintery cold. My outer attire comprising a hat, ear muffs, coat, scarf, gloves and boots. After five minutes outdoors, the wind would have blown through the outer protection, leaving me shivering. Yet, I had to keep moving toward my destination. The icy wind continued to blow (showing no mercy) and I continued (showing determination) to arrive at my destination. The point of this is it didn’t matter how cold it got, I had to keep moving.

Many this year have felt as if the wind has blown through our outer protection. Our jobs have ended, savings exhausted and mortgage or rent in peril. The unforeseen weight of this year has caused unexpected hardship, even for the strongest of survivalists. Some working two part-time jobs to make up for the full-time one that ended unexpectedly. White-collar workers have stood in line (or online) hanging up their tailored suits as they fill out an application for what they view as a blue-collar job.

There is a song that says “Only the strong survive”. It appears the population is working from a level playing field. We are put in a position whereas we must live life intentionally. We can’t go through life on auto-pilot or express our life with the notion of “what will be will be”, has vacated our way of life. Life has pulled us from the sidelines and we can no longer be a spectator in our life. Life has put out a demand that we must give our lives our full attention.

We can no longer just be relentless in accomplishing goals, but relentless in everyday living. As much as we have lost this year, I believe we will come out of this ahead of our scheduled goals. There is a population of people who have and are standing strong. The world has not stopped spinning, the sun and moon are still shining. Nature is still on schedule and the seasons are still changing. Life has accessed an untapped strength in every human being this year. Now it is up to each of us to respond.

How will we respond to this New Year? New Year! Life is not accepting anymore “Woe is me” or “Why me”. Again life has put a demand on us and the demand is to survive. But not just survive. Life is demanding we don’t come out of this empty-handed. How did God address Moses’s concerns in the bible? God answered Moses saying, “What is that in your hand?” God is still answering each of us with the same message, "What is that in your hand?” As you go into 2021 I am also asking you? What is that in your hand?”

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

Isaiah 45:2-3 New English Translation, [2] “I will go before you and level mountains. [a] Bronze doors I will shatter and iron bars [b] I will hack through. [3] I will give you hidden treasures, [c] riches stashed away in secret places, so you may recognize that I am the Lord, the one who calls you by name…

Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version [11] For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Happy Jan. 1st, Birthday to my sister Diana Belton. You are a blessing and prayer warrior for our family. Thank you!

Happy Jan. 1st, Anniversary to my sister Zelda Johnson and brother-in-law Adrian Johnson. Your marriage has shown a picture of how I believe God intended marriage to be. Thank you!

I am now on Facebook under fridayatsundown4 Thank you for your constant support

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