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Discussion: Whose Voice Are You Hearing?

Written by: Belinda M. Lane

July 8, 2022

From childhood to the age we are today, we have established our world we experience. Chiefly from our childhood. Our likes and dislikes (such as what foods we eat and don’t eat). My grandparents each had a garden, yet it was not until I moved farther to the south, I heard of vegetables which I had to look up what they were. Essentially, in the north, rice pudding is a dessert and farther south or if your parent came from the south, they considered rice pudding a vegetable. The same named dish with a few alterations of the ingredients, same name, but different dish.

With the same key ingredients, we form our own world. The condition looks the same, but few modifications in our way of life (called children's experiences). The outcome is a different dish. With answers held to be true or at least function for us. In some form, we’ve seen and received benefits to satisfaction, assuming this is how life is supposed to function.

We attempt to share with others who are struggling what serves or has not served (in our system). We overlook they occupy a world they have constructed for themselves. They experienced compensations and relief from how they worked out things. Therefore, it doesn’t make either right or incorrect. Disharmony comes when we seek to move our system into their world. Our hopes and results that have worked for us or they offer us what has worked for them as the sole alternative to the situation (s). When we ask for advice, it is another voice, not always a solution.

We look at ourselves through the life we have survived. Why do we neglect and overlook terms in life, such as growth or progress? Growth and progress pressures are what we fight against. I just wish to make a brief notation. Christians, this growth and progress can be a critical place, because you can fight against God's will. As we hold to certainty, “God is the same yesterday and forever”, but claim that as if we have understood all of who God is.

We ignore “The eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” At the time of our trial, we hold scriptures to console us and we should. Most preparation takes growth and change on our part to be at the level of receiving what God has prepared for us.

As we bring faith into the time realm (our situation), we can no longer walk by sight. When we do, our circumstances can seem devastating when matters don’t appear to be working. The problem or situation is governed by time (such as Due Date). Faith works outside of time offers no earthly due date, but can manifest on the exact due date. The heart and mind are engaged in a battle. The heart and mind can make different decisions within us, creating internal conflict.

Our past behavior dictates how we decide. Family and friends speculate why you haven’t done what they advised you to do (remembering, out of their experience (s), they have told you how to deal with your situation). Then we wonder why people shut down inside


We shut ourselves up in our body and struggle to move and discover we cannot move because we are not advancing as who we are. We bury ourselves alive through our experiences in life, with our past containing the present and the future on lockdown. Many voices are disabling or quieting our own voices. This most surprising place is this one. Quiet!

“To be still and know God!”

If we can remember:

  • Faith is on the outside of the time realm, that controls everything inside the time realm.

  • The situation you are dealing with may mean it is time to move to another level in your life.

  • Growth involves outward change (you don’t wear the same clothes at age 40, you wore at age 5), also inward changes as well.

  • The prayers you are praying to change your situation may be situations you need to transform you to a higher level.

  • Let’s keep in mind, the growth required to maintain could be the experience you are in now. Why don't you pray for God's enduring power and will for you?

  • Change may look the same on the outside, but with different ingredients.

Whose voice did you just hear?

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you


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