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Discussion: Will it be Door number 1, 2 or 3?

September 11, 2020

When the past no longer exists, what is it that controls us to walk back through that closed door to the Past? What is it that has individuals attracted to that closed door intending to force it open? When opening your eyes to a brand new day, it starts out as a blank canvas of time. What is it that pushes from within onto the empty board of time known as the Present? When opening your eyes, pulling back the sheets, putting your feet on the floor and taking that initial step, when do you make that decision of which door will you go through today?

Is there a struggle to get out of bed? While pondering everything on your list of today or week, what is your state of mind that ultimately shows? Do you rise dreading to embrace another day with nothing? Or do you rise to embrace another day with thanksgiving? Is this just another day or is it another day that you fulfill with purpose? When making that first step from bed, what door of life did you step through for the day? I realize these are a lot of questions, but I want us to think hoping to come up with answers (for ourselves).

Has there ever been a time where you considered what impact you wish to make in life? As children we came up wishing to make that impact or at least achieve something in life. Some may say at that we are predisposed at birth of what our future profession might be. For me, that future profession may have been that of a Teacher. Yet my degree wasn’t in Education. But I have found myself teaching for most of my life. Before my age reached the double digits, I was teaching neighborhood children, addressing their natural instinct to learn. I look back (during my 30s) when a friend’s son was failing in Algebra and I told her to give me a week to study (Algebra) and I would tutor her son. I’m sure many are saying “no way you can learn and start teaching Algebra in a week”.

You see not having anyone to tell me I couldn’t; I did! I required a week because I had never taken Algebra when in school. The tutoring lasted until he bought his grade average to a B. The point that I would like to highlight here is that when there is no one to say you can’t, success is inevitable. When you hear you can’t, it unconsciously leads you to have conflicting thoughts… I can or I can’t. I mention this story to show that even if you don’t outwardly follow the inward path, inwardly you still will. Think of the times you have heard, Man, you are great at this, but it’s not a path walked.

Many have followed what their parents insisted was the (safe) choice. But their hearts never aligned with this preference. But you did it anyway. Parents have honest intentions that will influence their child or children for what’s considered the best future choice (and parent future).

For the discussion, we need to understand that all three doors are different aspects related to the Past. We will explore each one.

Door #1: Past, which is “Childhood”; I have conversations now with adults who are still struggling with specific parts of their childhood. And this is fully something I can relate with. Some have achieved an exceptional outer life, with distinctions of honors and awards. But they engage in their fight with personal demons from childhood that still plague them. Unfortunate many become causalities of life because of that Past.

Door #2: Past decisions or actions that we allowed the consequence of those former decisions to linger inward. For this reason we are afraid to act, hesitant to forge ahead in life. Dreading new decisions will be erroneous and fearful of what repercussions will result from those decisions. The question What if I? Forces us to peer through the limitations of self-imposed imprisonment, reluctant to move? Vividly daydreaming of what life could be and settling within those daydreams as survival.

Door #3: Past, An evaluation of our behavior and drawing from it; what we need for the future. We have regarded the former as a place of learning, development of life muscles, wiped clean with forgiveness. We recognize it as something behind, not in front of us. The physical abuse placed a determination within us to keep standing or to get back up when knocked down. The mental abuse produced an insight of where others still live as they seek to hold us captivate to their bondage. Such as “you will be nothing in life”, I’m sorry I bought you into this world, because you are just like your father”. “You’re too dumb to make it in life”. Each one speaking from a world they couldn’t escape. You have taken steps to evaluate your way of life and as a result understand someone else past was guiding you for too long. Now, it is the time to design a new Past!

When opening your eyes, pulling back the sheets, putting your feet on the floor and take that initial step, which door will you go through today? Door number 1, 2 or 3?

Thank you for joining me for Friday at Sundown. Remember… Just Breathe!

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