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Discussion: Winning in the Game of Life

November 26, 2021

As we see something thrown our way, we can catch it, duck from it, or knock it away from us. In the game of volleyball, there are two teams and they hit a ball back and forward over a net. When the ball is not hit over the net to the opposition, it’s a score for the other team. Each side work as a team to get the ball back across the net. This holds true for basketball as the team works in unison to move a ball down the court. The goal is to make a shot to put it through an 18-inch hoop of metal and the netting underneath. Mainly, we take physical actions to perform a successful move as a team to deal with what comes over or through the net.

I want to talk about what happens when things hit us externally and what goes on when we internalize, rather than dealing with what came our way. For a visual, we will use elements in the world as our net. The ball will be external things we see happening to us. I will use volley ball as the stage of life. We see the ball coming over the net to as representing a bill you do not have money for. The team on your side comprises your will, heart, stomach and brain (as the physical) and mind (as the mental) in the makeup of your team.

Using this example as a visual rather than actual explanation, it goes like this. As the ball comes over the net, you hit it back with a plan. A plan is your budget to pay your bills. The ball comes back over the net again as an unexpected bill. There is no money in the budget or your next paycheck to cover this bill. Mind is nearest the net and tries to hit the ball and misses. But Will, who’s positioned further back, returns the ball over the net. The brain and mind signal each other for the next ball, as Will positions them. The next ball hit over the net goes out of bound. Your efforts dealing with the unforeseen have paid off. You glance around at your team and everyone is looking strong.

What causes stress or anxiety is something we can’t experience with just one sense. For this reason, it’s why we don’t perceive how we store what we are experiencing. Our internal world becomes marred when there's no type of resolution when hitting the ball back. While holding on to the ball and other balls are being thrown at us, this generates an overload. This overload can take place in our mind, heart, stomach, causing medical issues in our body. Holding on to external things creates internal problems.

When something is wrong, it affects our total being, causing an imbalance inside out. A disturbance! When I say total being, I mean our spirit, soul and body. Pressure, overwhelming, depression, anxiety are the labels we give it.

I focus this discussion on the last two months of this year, Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, also known as The Holiday Season. Two (festive) months ushering in stress and anxiety for so many people. Utilities bills rise during this time, gas prices increase along with factoring in airfare for travelers. Along with being added to our already stretched budget is gift giving. Covid is still among us. Many have come up with creative ideas for family gatherings. ZOOM and Group Meet being a favorite. Suggestion: bring a gift with no name and put them together and everyone picks a gift. There is a game called Elephant gift exchange (you can google it) so much fun. Everyone leaves with a present and a lot of laughter.

I realize there are going to be overwhelming circumstances coming at us in life. Always keep in mind your inner team within and your outer support team of family and/or friends. Above all, remember, God has created us for such a time as this in the timing of our birth. Every day when you open your eyes, it’s another day God wants to spend with you and another day he chooses you to spend with him. Be Blessed!

In this video ... You are Yuji Nishida

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