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Discussion: Your Six Months Checkup… We Can Do This!

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June 25, 2021

Chester Irving Barnard (1886–1961) one of the first philosophers in the study of Decision Making, stated “’Decision’ implies the end of deliberation and the beginning of action”. Other theorists as far back as Aristotle, contributed to what we know are the fundamental dynamics of decision making. What makes us react instead of act? We are at a pivotal milestone for 2021, the midway point for what we vowed to accomplish this year.

The Pandemic caused us to experience reality through different lenses. Isolation, fear, death, economic losses and shifted mindset. The earth suddenly manifested a strange new reality beyond what we could ever imagine. The current was no longer applicable. Normality had fled. Earlier this year, the familiar local hangouts were still closed. For many, though they did not know it, this was the break required. The opportunity to “express their self”. Time was now right to work out the things that time hadn’t permitted beforehand. For a good part of the population, stress at work was no longer a factor. Unemployment and stimulus checks became a cushion. A spring board to charge the dreams, expressions of creativity or what I’d accomplish if I had the time. Life bestowed an opening, to what we chatted and craved of attaining. Life took our excuses and provided the time, we declared we needed.

The race was on, and individuals were running towards accomplishments. Dreams unfolded into reality. We surprised ourselves when glancing back at the “blueprint” of our decisions. Many were now in a stronger place in life than a year ago. Relationships mended, new friendships started. Understood past hurts were just that… past, as we embraced new beginnings. Decision Making suggested a better life.

The world has re-opened. People are moving out more. The malls and restaurants are showing the familiar normal. People are becoming lax. Many are seeking to construct the former norm, reaching backward for what is comfortable. The change (s) they committed to, don't appear as important anymore. Now being surrendered to the sameness, the dream has become too much effort. The atmosphere has shifted and old habits are replacing Jan.1, 2021 commitment to self.

I encourage each one to embody what you set out to get this year. Continue to dig farther down inside. Embrace the uniqueness of who you have developed into. Don’t let the world cloud your view or linger for another pandemic, in efforts to advance forward. Decisions are a producer of what we can become! Stay with the promises to “self” this year. Only six (6) more month to hold steady, in carrying out the steps to drawing closer to awakening dreams and realizing goals. Now is the time to express yourself and to the world what has been hidden deep inside. Release the creativity that was given to make this world a better place. Think of the legacy you are creating for your children and children’s children.

So many have defied the challenges and shifted the events around which you once deemed almost impossible. This time has proved we are prepared for life’s storms. Get it done! Only six (6) more months. Let’s finish this!

(24) I CAN, I WILL, I MUST - 2021 New Year's Motivation - YouTube

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music and motivational speech in this video)

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Resources Corner:

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